Just Breathe Bracelet

Just Breathe Bracelet

from 14.95

This listing is for one "JUST BREATHE" cuff. To remind you just breathe when life gets a little crazy. Inhale love.....exhale hate & fear.


❤These cuffs are delicate, comfortable, yet durable!

❤ Cuff is 6 inches long and 1/8 wide

❤Brass and Copper: These metals come with a protective coating over them to slow tarnish.

❤ Sterling Silver: 925 Sterling Silver.

☛ REMEMBER: The letters on this bracelet are hand stamped, each piece is unique. I do my best to keep everything centered and straight as possible. Hand stamping is a process where each letter is individually stamped into the metal. Each piece is slightly different from another, but one of a kind!

☛These tiny bands are pieces of wearable art! Take good care of them. They are not intended for: swimming, showering/hand washing , exercising in, or sleeping in.

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