Om Hamsa Necklace

Om Hamsa Necklace


This unique sterling silver necklace features a hamsa hand with an om symbol in the middle. 

❤ The Hamsa in all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings it's owner happiness, luck, health, as well as protection from the ayin ha'ra, or the evil eye. 
❤The chanting of Om revitalizes the body, soothes the mind and nourishes the soul. Hence, Om is considered the most powerful of all Indian mantras. The experience is connection, unity and love.

Item details
- All metal components are STERLING SILVER. Best for all skin types and those with metal sensitivities. 
- This beautiful Hamsa Om symbol is solid .925 sterling silver (stamped on back) and comes with an .925 sterling silver chain in 18 inches.

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